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NFTs Avatars collection designed specially for crypto holders.


Using $ERG anyone can buy CoinCharacters, collect or trade them with other people. Each crypto will only have 1 unique NFT for its category. All CoinCharacters NFTs will unlock content from ShootERG, a mobile game currently under development.


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CoinCharacters was created with the objetive of design a singular collection of NFTs, specially focused on crypto holders. The collection is made up of animated avatars representing each crypto, classified into different categories, mainly based on the MarketCap of the cryptocurrencies at the time of the NFTs launch. The characters will come to life through these NFTs in a fun mobile shooter game, currently under development by our team.

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Each crypto will only have 1 unique NFT for its category (there're 6 different categories), so this NFT will be highly coveted among the holders of this crypto. New NTFs are launched periodically, updating categories and introducing new cryptos to the collection.

The creators of this project see $ERG as a crypto with a great future and a lot of development ahead. For this reason, the project objective is also to promove Ergo environment to the maximum of people within the crypto world, developing this NFTs collection and launching it on Ergo Auction.

Carrying out NFTs with added value in addition to the purely artistic was the main objective for the team, to give real utility to all the data that the Blockchain provides.

This is where the idea of developing ShootERG was born, a video game for mobile platforms where you can interact with the NFTs in the collection, unlocking extra content only accessible to NFT owners.

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